How are documents typically brought into a document management system?

There multiple different ways to bring documents into a document management system. The question we typically ask is, “what is the easiest and most efficient way for you based on your current workflow today?” Common input devices include a centrally located Multifunction Device for ad hoc scanning, a dedicated Fujitsu document scanner attached via USB to a users computer and a “Hot Folder” on the network that automatically captures and processes a file when dropped into the folder. Ultimately, if you are scanning larger jobs throughout the day, you wouldn’t want to tie up the MFP, so a document scanner would be best for this situation.

What type of files can you store in a document management solution?

Any type of digital file is acceptable, including tif, jpeg, pdf, word, excel and powerpoint documents. Document scanning isn’t just about converting paper into digital files, it is also about capturing important data about the file so it can be retrieved quickly and easily.

Can I search for documents by the content within the document if I forgot what I named it?

YES! The beauty of using capture software to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the document, is you can now search by any word within the document (such as Invoice number). If you know the invoice number was INVOICE 12345 and someone miskeyed the file naming it INVOICE 54321, you will still find the document!

What is the difference between document capture and document imaging?

People often see these terms as interchangeable; however, they are not the same. Choosing the right option based on your requirements today can determine the success of your document management system in the future. Document imaging is essentially transforming paper into a digital form.

What Brand or Type of scanner can I use with a document management solutions or capture software?

Our solutions do not have a preference on the scanner type, just that they have twain and ISIS compatibility. We use Fujitsu scanners, because they are just Awesome and come bundled with PaperStream Capture software that allows you to rearrange documents, add and replace scans prior to outputting the document.

If I have image only pdf’s in place already that are not currently searchable, can they be OCRed or do they need to be rescanned?

Yes, you need a fast and flexible OCR (typically server side) application to perform the OCR on a batch of files. PSI:Capture provides a flexible OCR engine as an option, tuned for accuracy, speed, or flexibility.

What type of information can I capture off of documents during the scanning process and what can I do with this information?

Document scanning is not just about converting paper into digital files, it is also about capturing important data about the file so it can be retrieved quickly and easily. PSI:Capture provides numerous ways to capture information on documents, including: Zone OCR, Barcode detection and full text OCR.