PSI:Capture is a third generation document capture application. With optional modules to meet specific needs and over 50 migrations to Enterprise Content Management systems, the product gives organizations a powerful scanning tool that can meet just about every document capture need.

Automation at its Best

PSI:Capture is built to automate and standardize scanning, and really reduce the time required to process paper and enter data.


  • Save Time and Effort When compared with other scanning applications, PSI:Capture can cut your document scanning and capture time down to a 1/3 or 1/4 depending on your device and the types of documents you are scanning.
  • Any Device With support for just about any type of scanning/imaging device, you can leverage your existing investment in scanning hardware and immediately see benefits and efficiency in your document capture processes.
  • Any Document Repository Regardless of whether you are using network folders, or a complex backend system like Microsoft SharePoint, PSI:Capture can give you a powerful onramp to scan, index and migrate.
  • Searchability With the ability to both extract information about the document, and create a searchable PDF through OCR, PSI:Capture provides ultimate searchability. Search by columns/index fields/profiles, as well as have the ability to search the full text of all your documents.
  • Single Application Buy one scanning and capture application to meet all your needs, throughout your organization. With a deep feature set and both device and repository support beyond any other software, PSI:Capture gives you a true swiss army knife of capture.
  • Save Money With flexible licensing for just about any size business, you only buy what you need, and at any time can add volume or modules to meet additional needs in your organization.