FileBound is a cloud-based application that automates the flow of enterprise work. Manage business processes from beginning to end, and reliably connect people and information wherever they are. FileBound helps you drive out paper-based processes to decrease costs and increase productivity, and supports compliance with internal and external mandates.

Improve Efficiency

FileBound by Upland Software delivers business process automation and document management applications that improve the operation of any organization by connecting users with the information they need to work more efficiently and effectively.


Unlike legacy products, FileBound’s simplified, flexible approach to usability, configurability and licensing delivers fast, game-changing results:

  • Easy-to-use configuration tools give you greater control and agility by reducing reliance on IT when responding to changing business needs
  • Device-agnostic mobile solutions seamlessly support BYOD policies and remote users at no additional cost
  • ŸAnalytics tools provide meaningful, timely and actionable insights into all workflow processes to harness the full value of the data to make better business decisions
  • Contemporary interface design makes it easy to adapt to automation technology and controls what you see when logging on, making it easier to complete work
  • ŸEasy-to-understand, all-in-one licensing options meet the needs of businesses of all kinds
  • Strong integration capabilities allow you to build end-to-end automation solutions that maximize productivity by eliminating “data silos”

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