The academic world faces many of the same challenges as the business world, but most schools, colleges and universities don’t have the same resources. FileBound delivers cost-effective solutions for automating processes and improving access to information that academic institutions need to provide excellent service to students, faculty and staff, accreditation boards, other institutions and government agencies.

Easy to implement, use and maintain, FileBound solutions are invaluable for numerous K-12 and higher education institutions to manage the varied documents and processes associated with student record-keeping and reporting. These include academic records, admissions processes, financial aid and virtually any other area in which information management and manual processes deflect resources. FileBound can also be used to reduce costs and increase efficiency in business offices, such as accounts payable  and human resources, so schools get additional value from a FileBound investment.


    • Improved responsiveness by reducing the amount of time it takes to respond to requests or requirements. That can provide real results when it comes to responding quickly to best-fit applicants, delivering the appropriate records to a transfer school or reporting data to government agencies.
    • Increase security and compliance schools need to assure that records are maintained according to retention policies and in compliance with mandates such as FERPA and HIPAA. Storing and routing physical documents increases the risk of loss or damage and that sensitive documents will be compromised, and the space used to store decades of records could be better used for the benefit of students or staff.
    • Control overhead costs associated with managing information, such as eliminating the need to add staff as the volume of records and reporting grows. Replacing paper forms with electronic ones is not only a green alternative; it also supports automation processes that increase overall efficiency.
    • Better access to information increases efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent looking for data and documents. Users can use FileBound’s robust search tools to find exactly the documents and data they need and advanced analytics to allow schools to be proactive throug better understanding of performance metrics, transaction status and trends across the data being stored.
    • Manage workload peaks that accompany the seasonal rhythms of academic life, such as processing school lunch forms, reporting graduation rates, housing requests, reviewing admission and financial aid packages or providing transcripts. Process automation increases productivity to reduce reliance on temporary employees and extended work days to meet deadlines.


    • Device-agnostic architecture allows users to securely access our solutions from any hardware, including mobile, without compromising functionality or usability
    • Ability to integrate with practically any institutional applications such as SIS (student information systems), financial systems and other key systems makes FileBound easy for new users to adopt
    • Easy-to-use software with flexible user licensing can be configured to allow secure access to all or part of the system to provide self-service for internal or external users